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Dec 7, 2021

Your beautiful creative mind is the driving force behind how you construct a life. Creative thinkers are those who think outside the box, who try to see things in new and novel ways, and who bring diversity to their lives. In this episode, we fire up your creative potential and infuse your life with a dash of wonder....

Oct 26, 2021

We take stock of the things we’re manifesting (or have or will manifest) in our 40s. See this decade with new lenses as Summer sheds light on what’s important and how to really enrich your life in this crazy decade of our lives. Reach Summer at for more.

Oct 13, 2021

Aren’t these the million-dollar questions! Summer walks you through 6 rules for understanding what manifesting is, how it works, and for discovering the best technique for you. And don’t for a second think this is an episode for newbies. Nope, these insights are deep and rich. Enjoy! To read the blog that inspired...

Aug 6, 2013

We review exactly what Flowdreaming is, and how and why it works. Maybe you already have an interest in manifesting, and this show will help you deepen and expand your ability. Or, maybe the idea that you can shape or sculpt the energies and events in your life, using the power of your mind and emotion, is all new to...

Nov 20, 2012

Where does the energy come from to manifest? Like a garden, you periodically need to mulch your energies by infusing your life with potent, enriching energy. All of you who feel burned out, depressed, emotionally dead, stagnant or frustrated in love, career, or anything else: this is YOUR show. Get mulched!