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Oct 30, 2018

Some people are triggers. They remind you of the ignorance you abhor, or the selfishness you despise. Sometimes, their job is to reflect back your own insecurities, or rob you of your power so you can learn how to reclaim it back. Point is, the people who most get under our skin are in our lives for a reason. Are you...

Oct 23, 2018

Screeeetch!! That’s the sound of you grinding to a halt. A slow halt…it may have taken you years to discover that you’re totally stuck, paralyzed with indecision, on constant WAIT mode for the right next direction in your life. How did you get here, and how you shift from it? Learn how Summer counsels her clients...

Oct 16, 2018

Can you create happiness on demand? You bet you can. All it takes is learning to Flowdream. We practice generating happiness today with 11 concrete ways to leave you feeling better than when you arrived. Continue with your Happiness Project with the Emotional Ecstasy Flowdream at

Oct 10, 2018

Do you need to earn more? Do you want to be given more? Do you want abundance springing up all over? Then listen to today’s lesson from M.E. School. Join Summer as she explores how you can create cashflow … in flow! For more, look up M.E. School at

Oct 2, 2018

Consistent people tend to win: they have those 401Ks, those marriages that last, the career that kept upleveling them. Don’t those people just piss you off? (Unless you’re one of them?) We look at the differences in lives between consistent people and those who ride the winds. Who wins? Who is better? Jury’s out …