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Mar 29, 2011

We spend today feeling how much we love and appreciate the person we were born to be. We love our personality, we love our mind, we love our body! Even if you think you don't have ANY "body issues," you might be surprised at what surfaces over this hour with Summer, as she talks about the ways we both love...

Mar 15, 2011

Whether you're looking for a new apartment, condo, dream home, Summer shows you how to create a unique Flowdream that perfectly captures your vision and draws in your ideal home. And for those of you who're happy where you are, today's Flowdream helps your current living situation become even more fulfilling.

Mar 8, 2011

Can Flowdreaming help you resolve your debt and get to a firm, good place financially? Well why not test it out and see? We'll work with Flow energy today to turn our finances around and allow our debt to be paid off easily and quickly. for details.

Mar 1, 2011

We're going to catalog all the things we're holding onto. Are we holding anger over past relationships? Are we holding onto memories we've saved in the piles of stuff stacked in our garages and storage units? Are we hanging onto ideas about what we "should have been or done" in life? We're going to identify what we want...