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Aug 30, 2011

Let's still up the feelings of perfect health and strong, healthy body! We work with Flow energy to create balance and health all through us. Our Flowdream today will help you sense where you're out of health, and infuse those areas with healing Flow. for details. .

Aug 23, 2011

Deep, resilient, unending love and affection--wouldn't you like that? We enlist Flow's help to cultivate the energy of long-term love and romance in our lives today. A super yummy show! for details. 

Aug 16, 2011

What have other people achieved by manifesting in the field of Flow? Summer shares stories, takes calls, and helps you see how and what other people have used this energy to achieve. Be inspired by their stories, and perhaps set up some of your own new goals this week. for details. .

Aug 9, 2011

If you were constantly carrying a bunch of suitcases around with you full of heavy stuff, wouldn't you want to put them down? This is what it's like energetically when we haul around the regrets, resentment, anger, and hurt that we've been nursing all these years. It's time to find a resting place for these energies, or...

Aug 2, 2011

We look at how impatient we can get with the scenarios in our lives: the people who won't change, the thing we're wishing for that just won't happen, the way we feel stuck and unable to decide what to do or where to go next. Today, we'll play with this energy of impatience and frustration, and see if we can't turn it...