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Mar 30, 2010

Is there something in life you want to make grow huge? A business? Your career? A blossoming relationship? How do you harness flow energy to make things take off? Summer looks at how to make things boom in your life, and offers a Flowdream to help. Go deeper with the Manifest My Ultimate Best Outcome Playlist

Mar 23, 2010

Summer "talks" to people all the time in her mind. She gets issues off her chest, asks people for help, and does all kinds of things like this in her Flow. How can you pre-pattern your life to offer you what you want, by simply talking--having conversations--with people in your Flow, before you have them in real life?...

Mar 16, 2010

How's your job going? Is it a career, or just something you do to get paid? Are you out of work, or looking for new work? How do you know what will make you happiest in a job? Summer offers advice on how using Flow energy can steer your career toward its most fruitful development--even if you're currently unemployed, or...

Mar 9, 2010

Many of you have been asking about empathic work--that's the ability to feel other people's thoughts and emotions. It means using your emotions as your "sixth sense." Today, Summer demonstrate empathic intuition and talks about this little known talent. Get more with Open & Expand Your Empathic Intuition at...

Mar 2, 2010

When you plan a project, you might sketch it on paper. Or write up a "to do" list. Or you might even have a hazy idea in your head of the steps to get it done. But, have you laid down the energetic substrate that will make you project come out flawlessly? Painters call it "primer." Builders call it the "foundation."