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Apr 26, 2016

Can you think something into being? Can you wish it into existence? Or are those silly fairytale ideas. Take a look at someone who never let go of that concept, but instead evolved into create a true, real method for coaxing life to give her what she wants. Make magic today! Uplevel your manifesting with the

Apr 19, 2016

There’s something you can do to make yourself feel better, and to initiate Flow. So why aren’t you doing it? We look at our innate knowing and ask why we just don’t DO what we know makes us feel better. Go deeper with Super Inner Yuminess at

Apr 12, 2016

Last year was upside-down. Nothing went according to plan. It was as if the sky and earth tilted, and everything flew out of Summer’s life instead of in. It was a robbery. And the thing is, most of us have felt robbed at one point or another. Robbed of opportunity, robbed of love, robbed of life. But is that a bad...

Apr 5, 2016

You always have a choice: expand or contract. Grow or devolve. Flow recognizes that you choose your pace and direction constantly. Today we do a “growth check in:” How do you think your evolution is doing? Go deeper with Restorative Alignment & Trust: A Flowdream Meditation