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Jun 29, 2016

Who’s bossing your kingdom? The King or the Queen, or both together? Why does one want to take all the power? Who’s protecting whom? We sort out the battle for control inside us to better understand how our heads and hearts are constantly manifesting our world.

Jun 22, 2016

Emotion and flow need to move freely and cleanly through you. But sometimes, we get stuck: caught in fear, anger, regret, loss...the list is long. When we’re caught, our Flow is caught as well, snagged on the branches of grief or the frozen wastes of sorrow. But when you learn to truly cleanse your heart, life...

Jun 14, 2016

Just when you really need to know you’re being heard...your Flow has a way of telling you it’s there. Summer shares her latest story with wild synchronicity and numeric nudging as she helps you discover the your own personal means and methods that the Universe uses to catch your attention. Get more with the

Jun 8, 2016

Summer gets a lot of emails saying things like, 'As soon as I started Flowdreaming, everything got worse! What’s happening?!" Learn why sometimes when you start making big emotional-energetic changes in your life, things seem to get worse before they get better.

Jun 1, 2016

Same ol’, same ol’... day after day. You want more, you want something different ... but what? Your dreams are as flighty as birds and you end up staying right where you’ve always been. Today, you’ll learn ways to change this. Being in a rut shows you one of your most important ceilings! Find out how.