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Nov 30, 2010

Losing someone you love--whether through an argument, break-up, divorce, or even death, changes the way your Flows interact. Learn to look for the signs that the severance is incomplete, or, learn to complete it if you choose. Summer talks about how grief and loss are intricately connected in the web of our lives and...

Nov 23, 2010

Life moves in waves, with growth cycles and fallow ones. Every waves carries certain energies within it, and the key is knowing how to use them. Summer talks about the wave you might be in now, and how to best use whatever energy you're currently surrounded with. Get set for your daily Flowdreaming practice with the

Nov 16, 2010

Summer walks you through an overview of each one of the books and items she's made over the years to help people learn to connect with and grow through their Flow. You'll learn the best CDs to start with, what FREE resources you can access and where to find them, how to get in Flowdreaming communities, and more. A great...

Nov 9, 2010

This special series continues as we look at four emotions that powerfully affect Flowdreaming. Today, we go into the heart of fear, and how it can run our lives and govern all our decisions, if we let it. But we'll also learn how we can instead use the powerful energy to increase our confidence and assertiveness to...

Nov 2, 2010

Who and what are we...that's something we ask ourselves all the time. Are we special? Unique? Are we loved? Summer talks to the heart of self-love and the natural easy confidence that blooms out of knowing who and what you really are. Get more with the Ultimate Self-Love & Self-Worth Playlist