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Oct 30, 2007

As you advance through the art of manifesting, many people begin to wonder why things happen to them that they did not intentionally, or consciously, manifest. Summer explores the idea of cooperative experiences, and how we are caught up in larger flows, or streams, of creation. Using the examples of the wildfires,...

Oct 9, 2007

What do chi, the "Unmanifested," and the Flow have in common? Summer shares ideas from Eckhart Tolle and how the "Unmanifested" and the Flow are related. Plus, Summer addresses the role of teachers or spiritual masters in your life.


Oct 2, 2007

Summer reviews the basics of Flowdreaming in the first portion of the show from an artist's perspective, followed by adressing the questions:"What is the right balance between belief and reality?" And, "How do you live like you've already manifested what...