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Dec 16, 2008

Hop into your flow and allow the Universe to guide you to all the best in your life. Learn the powerful new way of manifestational thinking based on flow as Summer explores various aspects of Flowdreaming each week.


Dec 9, 2008

In your Flow, the past, present, and future are mingled. This thing we call "time" presses our lives into events that seem to happen at different points, so we end up viewing a a sequence of events in our lives. But energy can be changed—while one past may in fact be recorded, another past can also be created, so...

Dec 2, 2008

Why does it seem harder to make friends as an adult, than when you were a child? Summer reveals the 4 cornerstones of friendship, and asks you which are strong in? What are you weak in? Learn to use your Flow to bring in the kinds of people who resonate with you, who see your best points, who share your interests....