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Feb 25, 2020

What’s life purpose anyway? Is it all a fantasy or is it real? If it’s real, then how do you find it? Explore your life purpose with Summer and enjoy a Flowdream in this episode to help you get there. Recommended Playlist for deeper work: Ready to Go Big Playlist

Feb 18, 2020

Sometimes the hardest part of healing happens years after the actual damage. It’s the inability to come back from it.A broken ankle gets a cast. But a broken heart or a broken dream? See how to use your emotions and Flow to heal ANYTHING! If you love this show, try the

Powerful Inner Healing and Release Flowdream...

Feb 5, 2020

The universe is abundant, right? Then why do you only have one soul mate? Let’s expand out thinking and feel what it’s like to to have an abundance of perfect people come into our lives—people we want to share with, grow with, adn love. Charge yourself up and get into the decision Flowdream at the end of today’s...

Feb 4, 2020

Can an introvert create a big, booming connected life in both business and personally? If so, how? Summer shows you how she, as an introvert, learned how she does things differently, and equally as successfully as the extroverts out there. Listen and learn how to capitalize on your introvert strengths to manifest a life...