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Sep 29, 2009

Hop into your flow and allow the Universe to guide you to all the best in your life. Learn the powerful new way of manifestational thinking based on flow as Summer explores various aspects of Flowdreaming each...

Sep 22, 2009

Almost five years after Summer first began her Flowdreaming live podcast, she finds herself transitioning to a new network...and a new job. Hear Summer talk about the understandings she's experienced along her personal journey of learning to work with Universal forces of life and energy.


Sep 15, 2009

Today, Summer talks about how to use the Flow to "read" information as opposed to "writing" it. Discover the "other side" of Flow energy--the side that stores and collects information, which is always there for you to use. Includes a Flowdream to open you to your own...

Sep 8, 2009

Health is our natural condition. Our bodies want to feel healthy and strong to support us in all our desires. So how can we allow our bodies to blossom with robust health? Summer shares her knowledge of how to bring your body into the powerful Flow of health and healing, as you embark on a healing Flowdream with...

Sep 1, 2009

Can you find God in your Flow? How does the universal Flow of life connect you to Source, and what happens when it does? Can you talk to God, and talk to your Flow, and expect that you'll be heard? Summer returns to thee theme of "the Big Questions" of years past in this special episode of Flowdreaming.