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Sep 20, 2011

Teachers teach, marketers market, writers write, scientists do science...yet in our world today, we all have to wear so many hats! Multitasking doesn’t just mean talking on your cell phone while you put on makeup while making the kids breakfast. It also means that we’re expected to cultivate so many talents in...

Sep 13, 2011

Yes, you can mess up your energies. But it’s nothing to be afraid of: in fact, you’re probably creating by “accident” most of the time anyway. But, learning how we most commonly “mess up” our manifesting can really help you stay on course—now that you know what to avoid. .

Sep 6, 2011

Can our pets Flow? Can we help them with stress and other disorders? Or do animals just naturally already exist in a flowing, easy place? Then what about animals in shelters, or strays? How about wild animals? We look at how animals and pets occupy the energy spectrum in today’s episode of Flowdreaming.