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May 29, 2018

Backward Looking Girl is a special phrase invented to capture the essence of on the emotional tendency to look backward in our lives instead of forward. “All good things are behind me” is a typical Backward Girl phrase. Well, newsflash: all the best things are ahead of you.

Let’s break that tendency to go backward...

May 22, 2018

Relationships mirror the galaxy. We have blazing suns encircled by plants. We have cold asteroid belts without life. We have vast interstellar distances of pretty much nothing. Doesn’t this sound like a metaphor for your life?

Summer examines the power of that one unique, life-changing relationship—when you enter...

May 16, 2018

When does personal growth go wrong? Is it always a good thing to be aware of your growth areas? And why all the emphasis on blocks and patterns? Summer digs into the dark side of personal growth today. Don’t miss it. Try the My Future Self Flowdream for more on developing new characteristics at

May 9, 2018

Can you create happiness on demand? You bet you can. All it takes is learning to Flowdream. We practice generating happiness today in this episode that will leave you feeling better than when you arrived.

Continue with your Happiness Project with the Emotional Ecstasy Flowdream at

May 1, 2018

Some people are born connectors. Call them networkers, social butterflies, or whatever you want . . . they know everyone, love everyone, and want us all to meet each other. Let’s talk about these special folk, and maybe you’ll discover that you actually ARE one. Engage your connectivity further with I Have So many...