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Nov 22, 2005

What if everything in your life began to just work out? Problems dissolved. Stuckness crumbled. Let's see how working with Flow can infuse your life with ease.

Nov 15, 2005

Explore the frontiers of consciousness as we look at what FLow state is and how you can use it.

Aug 24, 2005

How do you combat a crisis? Not with focused "worry" attention. If you've been following a traumatic news story, you've been feeding that tragedy your worry and fear. It is far better to provide any traumatic event with Flow energy to untangle, smooth, and create positive breakthroughs and developments. Join Summer as...

Apr 11, 2005

The Flow lets you super-accelerate your manifesting power. If you've been twirling around in circles, working to change things in your life and not getting anywhere, see how you can break through this barrier. During this question-and-answer show, callers can experience on-the-spot Flowdreaming on any subject they are...

Mar 8, 2005

In her inaugural show on HayHouseRadio, Summer shows you how Flowdreaming can change your life and help you create everything you want--easily and perfectly. She explains the ideas behind Flowdreaming, including why it works and exactly how to do...