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Oct 29, 2013

Delish! This is a full hour of looking inside yourself and understanding just what’s so great about you. There’s something truly unique and marvelous inside you. If no one else has reminded you of that lately, remind yourself. If you want to truly love and accept others, you must start with your own self first....

Oct 22, 2013

Why were you born to the parents you have? Why not someone else? How about those siblings…are you in some spiritual contract with them? What’s going on with family!? Summer shows you an interesting perspective on why you’ve got the family you’ve got.

Oct 22, 2013

When Summer “talks” to a dead person, why does it feel like a live person talking? Where are these “dead” people? And if she looks into the mind of a living person for you, does that person know or feel it? Summer explains what it feels like to do the work she does in the Flow and explores the concept of...

Oct 15, 2013

This episode is supposed to be about growing your business. but in typical fashion, Summer starts with a fascinating digression on the nature of your Higher Self before segueing into ways to grow a huge, booming business using Flow energy. Get more with the Start Or Grow My Hugely Successful Business Flowdream

Oct 8, 2013

What if you felt everyday that you have everything you need? That there is no “lack” in your life. Instead, when you want something it’s because you want to play with it, get creative with it, see what you can experience through it. That’s a big difference from feeling like you need something to fill up an empty...