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Oct 27, 2009

Spooks and haunts—just what is going on during All Hallow's Eve, or the U.S. holiday Halloween? Summer describes how the energy shifts around this holiday, and how "ghosts" and spirits are really just deeper layers of consciousness in the Flow.

Oct 21, 2009

Autumn energy arrived with the equinox on September 22, but for many of us, the sensation of dormancy, harvest, and closure are just beginning as the days begin to cool and we think about the early evenings ahead. In today's show, Summer works you through the Flow's energy to stimulate new ideas and projects and launch...

Oct 14, 2009

What are you made of? Summer addresses the idea that we're all made from Source energy, and we all constantly use Source energy to sculpt the fabric of our lives on a day-to-day basic. Tune in to discover a new understanding of your soul, your "Higher Self" and your so-called mission in life.

Oct 7, 2009

In Summer's very first show on CTR after moving networks, she explains what Flowdreaming is and how the Flow is constantly affecting your life. Learn the basics of manifesting from one of the modern talents of this ancient art. Flowdreaming is both a technique and a philosophy with a worldwide following, as thousands of...