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Dec 16, 2008

Hop into your flow and allow the Universe to guide you to all the best in your life. Learn the powerful new way of manifestational thinking based on flow as Summer explores various aspects of Flowdreaming each week.


Dec 2, 2008

Why does it seem harder to make friends as an adult, than when you were a child? Summer reveals the 4 cornerstones of friendship, and asks you which are strong in? What are you weak in? Learn to use your Flow to bring in the kinds of people who resonate with you, who see your best points, who share your interests....

Nov 25, 2008

Feeling thankful in your Flow powerfull impacts your life. Summer shares how to generate more of what you want by appreciating what you have (even if what you have right now isn't so...

Nov 18, 2008

When we experience rejection, being shut down, or blocked from our goals, this means our Flow is actively working on our behalf. Our Flow guides us where to go...and where not to go. It closes doors that are unhealthy or won't serve your deepest, truest desires. Summer helps you see resistance--in all its forms--as...

Nov 11, 2008

Today is 11/11--Summer's signature number and a number that indicates strong connection to the energies. Today holds immense power for manifesting, so Summer devotes this sh0w to reminding you who you are, why you came here, and what you want to have. An uplifting show that drills right to the core of creating!