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Oct 26, 2011

What happens to our energy when it departs our body? Where does our consciousness go? Are there really such a thing as ghosts? Can you talk to the dead? We talk about where we "go next" in today's hour of Flowdreaming with special guest Venus Andrecht, intuitive medium. .

Oct 11, 2011

We pour Flow energy into our work and income during this show, by not just calling in the energies to support us, but also by telling the energies what we want—sketching a blueprint for our huge, fabulous success. Today's show is for any of us who want to build something strong, secure, and income-earning in our...

Oct 4, 2011

Flow is a concept that can be scaled up or down, into big systems and small. Everything flows by changing, reorganizing itself, and then changing again. The science of fractals helps us understand how even chaos has a structural basis, and what seems random is actually predictably random. Summer takes a look at...