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Sep 29, 2022

Hey, it’s Summer. I’m here with a quick check-in with where this podcast is heading and how it’s changing! Find out what I’ve been up to and if there’s a reboot coming!

Apr 5, 2022

It’s a time warp! Enjoy this interview with author Lynn McTaggert as she and Summer discuss the quantum field, intention, and manifesting the way people used to talk about it 15 years ago. Originally broadcast in episode 125 of Flowdreaming. Enjoy! Visit to learn more.

Mar 29, 2022

Easy mode is when what you’re doing feels effortless, time flies, and your results are usually pretty spectacular. So, why don’t we spend more time in Easy Mode? We don’t trust it, that’s why. We prefer Hard Mode —that’s where all the big results are supposed to be, or so we’re told. We blow up this...

Mar 22, 2022

What will your new work or career give you? How will your life change? We rethink what we want from our work and career, and infuse our desires with positive vibes. Visit to learn more and for any of the career and work meditations mentioned in this episode.

Mar 15, 2022


Four paths. Four Flowdreams. Four ways to dip into even more magic in your life. Playful energy buzzes with life and potency, and many of us are sorely lacking these right now. So we’ll explore the Everblooming Garden of Delights, Flowing with the Light, Lift the Horn of Plenty, and the Walkway of Abundance — all...