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Dec 18, 2012

Sometimes you need to take two weeks to retreat and “cocoon.” By creating voluntary, predetermined slices of TIME OFF, you create opportunities for your Flow to restructure and develop new things for you. Learning what “cocooning” is and how it’s an incredibly overlooked key to creating anything new in your life.

Dec 11, 2012

Summer’s been quietly exploring a new way to integrate Flowdreaming with meditation and subconscious programming. Learn how you can accentuate your manifesting using meditation and sleep-programming with Flow.

Dec 4, 2012

Will the world end? Will a new paradigm emerge? In true contrarian style, Summer will give you her ideas on where we’re really heading, what the doomsdayers say, some fascinating facts about 12-21-12, and how our collective energy affects humanity and our planet….if there IS one after December 2012!


Nov 27, 2012

Survival mode is the lowest point to which you’ll sink without “going under”. It’s where you get through each day on the bare minimum: of love, of income, of joy, or anything else. Get some understanding of why and how you drop to this point, and how to begin moving up and away from it. 

Nov 20, 2012

Where does the energy come from to manifest? Like a garden, you periodically need to mulch your energies by infusing your life with potent, enriching energy. All of you who feel burned out, depressed, emotionally dead, stagnant or frustrated in love, career, or anything else: this is YOUR show. Get mulched!